Habilitat is located on the east side of the island of Oahu in a small town called Kaneohe. Our facility is on the opposite side of the island from the main tourist destination of Waikiki. Some people enjoy the excitement of the Waikiki area and others opt for more quiet accommodations elsewhere.

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What To Expect On Your Visit:

Habilitat visits are scheduled through our parent coordinator Lokelani Tynan. All visits are scheduled well ahead of time and are contingent on the behavior of the resident. We reserve the right to cancel without notice in the event that the resident's behavior warrants such action.

Usually, requests for visits are not considered until after (6) six months of residency. All visit requests must be made at least (30) thirty days in advance.

We have a strict limit of six (6) visitors per scheduled visit. That includes children of any age. All visitors must be authorized ahead of time by our staff and any unscheduled visitors will be denied entry.

Most visits are scheduled for the weekends due to the busy schedule at Habilitat. In some cases we can arrange a week day visit but ample prior scheduling time is required.

All visits will be accompanied by two older residents of our choosing and the family visiting is responsible for transportation and cost of refreshments for the two chaperones.

Visitors from off island are usually granted three consecutive days of visits. Friday evening on site, Saturday and Sunday off site.

For family members visiting from off island, flight itinerary including arrival date and time need to be provided. We must know where visitors will be staying and how many people will be coming for the visit, along with their names and relationship to the resident.

Whatever fun things you have planned, please take our advice and wear sunscreen. Hawaii's sun is much stronger than what you might be used to.

Visitation Guidelines

A resident will be eligible for a visit in accordance with clinical staff's discretion. Usually, requests for visits receive approval upon entering the second phase of the program, which varies from (6-9) months of residency. All visits are contingent on the residentís behavior and progress in the program. Each visit is accompanied by two residents selected by the House Staff. The Facility Director shall designate the times of all visits.

  • 1. There is to be absolutely no purchasing of gifts for residents unless cleared by the Facility Director prior to or during visits. If itís cleared, the amount is not to exceed $200.00.

  • 2. Do not engage in conversations concerning prior friends, relationships, family problems or anything that might interrupt the resident's progress or be emotionally upsetting to the resident.

  • 3. There will be no consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs while visiting with the resident. Visitors are not permitted on the facility if they have been drinking or using illicit drugs the day of the visit. Anyone violating this guideline will be restricted from any future visits.

  • 4. During all outings, parents will be responsible for the cost of meals and entertainment for the resident and the accompanying residents.

  • 5. All visit requests must be made at least (30) thirty days prior to the requested visit date.

  • 6. We need to be provided with a flight itinerary, including arrival date and time. We must know where visitors will be staying, how many people will be coming for the visit, along with their names and relationship to the resident.

  • 7. The destinations of all outings must be approved by clinical staff.

  • 8. Visitors are not allowed to speak to any other residents about their families or friends, if they know them. Passing messages or delivering gifts is strictly prohibited.

  • 9. A meeting will be scheduled with staff prior to your visit to go over the doís and doníts to be observed during visits and to answer any questions you might have. We will also provide a tour of the facility and an update of the resident's progress in the program during the time of your visit. Any mail or pictures must be approved by staff prior to the visit.

  • 10. Any violation of these guidelines will result in cancellation of the visit. All visits are also subject to cancellation if the resident's behavior warrants such action.

  • 11. In certain clinical situations, such as House Ban, no one is permitted visitation. These situations sometimes come about quite suddenly. If we are unable to inform you of such a situation before you begin your trip to Hawaii, we will not be responsible for the inconvenience and will not deviate from our set policies.

  • 12. Phone calls by residents to friends or relatives, is prohibited while on visits unless it has been cleared by clinical staff before the visit.

Accommodation Options:

  • Waikiki offers numerous hotels in a tourist setting.
  • Kailua is a nearby beach town offering numerous beach house vacation rentals. Book reservations early as availability varies.
  • Ko Olina Resort- Is located on the west side of the Island and offers a variety of amenities including championship golf and three private lagoons.
  • Turtle Bay Resort is a scenic 30 minute drive from Habilitat's facility. They offer golf and tennis along with the normal resort activities
There are various other locations that accommodate visitors. Unfortunately, Hawaii is not a budget destination. Everything cost a little more here but we still love it!

Things to do while on a visit:

Shopping is always a favorite activity. We now only allow purchase of clothing or items that are considered "NEEDS." Habilitat has a very strict spending limit but we do allow for a total of $200.00 worth of merchandise. We ask that all clothing purchased be conservative, no tight clothing, excessive baggy clothing will not be accepted and everything is subject to our staff's approval. Receipts are required for all merchandise. There are several places to shop near our facility.

Eating out is a favorite visit activity. Our island has it's own unique style of foods influenced by the great diversity in our mixed culture. You can enjoy a variety of choices from authentic Hawaiian food to gourmet Asian cuisine. We recommend the following establishments for an enjoyable meal.

Best Hamburgers

Teddy's - Bigger Burger gets my vote for the best Island Burger.

Kua'aina Sandwich Shop - Delicious burgers and sandwiches.

Best Hawaiian Food

Helena's Hawaiian Food- Here on Oahu for over 55 years, Helena's remains the simple and unpretentious eatery it was over 6 decades ago

Best Hole in the wall

L&L Drive Inn - Plate lunches, various island locations

Ono's Hawaiian Barbeque - Plate lunch, Kapahulu Ave

Gina's Korean BBQ - Located in the Market City Center

Fine Dining

Hiroshi Eurasian Tapas- Modern Asian Inspired Tapas and Innovative Cuisine.

Haleiwa Joe's- Two locations, one on the north shore and one in Kaneohe.

Roy's Restaurant- Fresh blends of local ingredients with european sauces and bold asian sauces.

Alan Wong's- Award winning restaurant located in downtown Honolulu.

Visiting tourist attractions

Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit. Our tropical climate makes our island the perfect place for year round vacationing. Oahu has many once in a lifetime attractions for your consideration.

Beach outings (Hanauma Bay, Kailua Beach Park, Makapu'u Beach, Kualoa Beach Park, Ko'olina Beach Resorts, etc.)

The Honolulu Zoo - Located in the heart of Waikiki and a short walk from the Waikiki Hotels.

Polynesian Cultural Center - Experience all the cultures of the Polynesian islands, learn the history and join in on the cultural activities.

Pearl Harbor - Experience history through the national memorial's program tour, museum, and exhibits as you discover the final resting place for the battleship Arizona.

Battleship Missouri - Today, the "Mighty Mo" is open for visitors in Pearl Harbor as the Battleship Missouri Memorial, under the care of the USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc. Not supported with government funding, the Association is a Hawaii-based 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating and maintaining a fitting memorial to the people and historic events reflecting our nation's legacy of duty, honor, strength, resolve, and sacrifice.

Kualoa Ranch - The Ranch offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, educational programs, and scenic tours. The lovely valley setting has been used in several movies and television shows.

Hiking- Oahu has numerous well traveled hiking paths of various difficulty.